Here's the REAL FAQ of, which is part of a Dreamspinner's web. and are this Dreamspinner's version of a rite clicker's fantasy paradise filled with glitter, eyecandy and animations and lots of links to see and make more of same!
These worlds were created because of this Dreamspinner's relentless search for color and movement which translates to ENERGY and this resulting glitter is ALMOST enough to slake her thirst.
It's free because I was taught to share.
The story is here for those in the know. For the rest, sit back, and enjoy the show.

There are more than 1000 pages of drag and drop fantasy and a zillion animated dolls on this and the rest of my sites, so, follow the underlined NEXT text that's on each page and you'll find all the worlds and extras that I add in the wee smalls.
I've spent a gazillion hours editing props and animating dolls that I've obtained through legitimate sources, AND, you may take them FREELY and WITHOUT a linkback, though there's a button if you want it.