You can record screen using the right tool

Good question. I’ve seen this question on several ask and answers sites. This would be a problem if you are a beginner. Many computer geeks will have to create software demonstrations to aid in describing their operations. However they may not know the best software to use. The following article can help you find the best solution for almost every condition.  If you need a screen recorder that is easy to use and free but can help you record screen in a nice and full-featured way, you need to check on screen recorder windows 10 free download

Why should you record your actions onscreen?

Let’s say you found some flash videos or favorite videos from the web. You want to share these with your friends but don’t know how your actions will look on their screen. You are playing a video game, or finding game tricks/secrets. Now you want to post your game on the internet. You want to tell a technical friend about a computer issue or show your knowledge of software. Your friend has difficulty understanding what you see because they aren’t sure which terms to use.

You will need a tool to help you show what you see. Screen recording tools can help you realize it.

Use a tool with care

Record video

Video recorders are required in order to record video from your computer. While screen recording tools can sometimes record videos and turn screen records into videos, not all software can record high-quality video (sometimes these could be flash movies). Usually, you will get a large output file. A 1-minute video clip at 640×480 resolution can take up to 200MB. Video conversion tools are required to convert AVI movies to smaller files, such as MP4, WMV or other formats. A few sophisticated screen recording tools can produce highly compressed and high-quality videos (a 1-minute 692*368 movie clip is about 10MB), like the Applian Technologies A/V and ZDsoft. I will be writing a review on video recording software in June.

Take screen actions and record them

This is not like recording video. Recording your actions on the screen is limited to mouse clicks, keystrokes, and mouse movements. This can be done by virtually all screen recording tools. The capture tools use two different recording techniques. One is capture specified frames every second, while the other captures only actions that are performed on the screen. The first method produces a larger file than the latter, but it may contain more details, e.g. Mouse over allows for instant changes. Most demo creation software supports the second capture option, while others support both. Demo creation tools can be found in many recording devices of this type. They are intended to create tutorials, software demonstrations, and simulations. Editing the captured screenshots can create an instructional video. To polish and enhance demos, annotations and narrations are possible. Some programs can even create scenario-based simulators like Wondershare DemoCreator, Tanida DemoBuilder, and Adobe Captivate. DemoCreator, which I will be highlighting here, is my favorite. Although DemoCreator is new in the field, it performs as well as a professional tool. I was impressed by the intuitive interface and excellent capture quality. Flash Demo Builder (ViewletBuilder), TurboDemo and Instant Demo, TurboDemo and TurboDemo are other options.

Recording game

Tools use the best capture method. However, playing games require so many system resources that the capture tool may slow down the video. I suggest tools that are designed for recording games like fraps, ZDSoft Games Recorder. Fraps also offers sample game recordings on its website.