Flag That Sign

This can be done with a tape measurement (100′ fiberglass) or a red towel. Also, you will need a skyhook crane of 75 feet or more this site. Attach the skyhook crane to the tape measure and tie a red cloth around the cable. Once the crane is lifted, place the sign face on the ground. The idea is to make a good indication of the sign’s face in mid-air.

To measure the height of the sign, you will need to get in your vehicle and drive it around both directions. You can also take photographs that you can use for a white scale to outline the sign to potential advertisers.

Fiberglass Surveying Pole

This is possible by purchasing a 50 foot fiberglass surveyor’s extensionpole at a local survey equipment store. To telescope the pole vertically, you need to cut sections that snap into place about 5 feet apart. Attach a red rag to top of pole and extend it vertically towards the face of sign.

Let someone hold the pole while you drive around your car passing it. Take pictures. Because the pole is bound to bend, it is difficult to measure accurately. You should make sure that the pole is made from fiberglass. It could strike the power lines, and you may be electrocuted if the material conducts electricity. You should also place your foot near the pole to prevent it from falling under the force of the wind. Many pole-holders have been in bad accidents with the pole. It slips, and hits you hard like a huge lever.