Goldco Precious Metals provides answers to all of your Gold IRA question

Goldco Precious Metals Precious Metals FAQs

Clients who come to Goldco Precious Metals Precious Metals for assistance and advice usually have a predictable answer. The majority of people think the same way about their investments and retirement savings. Its most important consideration is whether it will grow in a way that you desire, and whether it will remain secure from the riskier opportunities we can take with our dollar. See to get more info.

Goldco Metals Precious Metals created their Gold IRA FAQs section on their website. This answers most of potential clients’ questions. You may wonder what some of these questions are. The number one question concerns the process of rolling over an existing IRA/401K to gold. The process for making this happen is important if you have any of these savings instruments.

This is a simple process that only requires three steps. This process is so simple that it only takes three steps. Simply set up the new account, then fund it from existing accounts. Next, you can use the information provided for selecting the precious metals to which you would like to have. It’s easy and straightforward. Your Goldco Metals Precious Metals advisor supports you through every step to ensure you fully understand what is going on and what you can do. With all transfers, the entire process takes around 10 business day. This isn’t bad at all.

Another question frequently asked is who is eligible. If you are over 70 1/2 and you have earned income, then you will be eligible. People also want to know what penalties are involved in making the move from silver to gold, or any other precious metals. This is the easy answer: there are no penalties. Absolutely none. It is a widespread practice that is not subject to tax and there are no penalties.