Make Your Dorset Holidays Extraordinary!

Dorset has plenty to offer adventure seekers looking for an adventurous holiday. Dorset is home to many adventure theme parks, adventure zones, and beaches. These offer a variety of water-based activities. You and your family will enjoy these adventure activities on their Dorset vacations. After such exciting experiences, you can relax at Dorset’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The holiday cottages offer a lot of luxury and comfort. You can also find the holiday cottages near Dorset’s tourist attractions. If your pet is with you, you can also request one of these pet-friendly holiday homes. These are some fantastic places to check out if you’re looking to unleash your inner adventurer during your Dorset vacations unique gifting.

Go Ape High Wire Adventure

You’ll enjoy the thrill and adventure at Go Ape High Wire during your Dorset vacation. After climbing a 40-foot rope ladder, you’ll be able zip wire. Zipping through the treetops at full speed will make you happy. After an exhausting day in this adventure zone, you’ll be happy to relax at the luxury holiday cottages. The spectacular views from this high-altitude location are sure to delight you, as well as the adventure offered by the park. You should consider the high-wire rope bridge if you’re feeling brave. It’s not for the timid! The Go Ape High Wire Adventure Park is sure to leave you wanting more. This trip will be a cherished memory that you won’t forget once you are done.

Pirate Adventure

You can still have some adventure on your Dorset holidays with the Pirate Adventure golf course. This mini golf course will get your children excited about adventure. You will have your children hooked as they play mini golf on this pirate-themed course. While they are playing, you can also teach them all about the terrifying pirates of seas who were always searching for treasure. If your children don’t know how to play, this is the place to start. They’ll have a lot of fun trying to steer clear of obstacles and put greens. The best part about the Pirate Adventure minigolf course, is that it is close to holiday homes.